A Trip to Charleston, South Carolina

In today’s post, I wanted to share my recent trip to Charleston, South Carolina. Now, when I usually go on trips, I’m going to take photographs. This trip started out the same way. The planning included photo locations I could visit, famous sites to shoot, and I planned to return with an entirely new set of portfolio worthy photos. I even planned to share all of the photos right here! However, it didn’t exactly turn out like I originally planned.

As the trip drew nearer, I was struggling to stay on top of deadlines, post processing, planning, and writing. My time was slipping and I needed a break.

A week before I left for Charleston, South Carolina, I decided to unplug.

It was something I had never tried before. Now, don’t get me wrong, I still took my camera with me just in case something incredible happened, but I really made an effort to sit back and enjoy my time somewhere new.

A lot of you reading this might think that I completely squandered my trip because I could have shot so many great locations! It’s true, there are a lot of tremendous locations in the low country of South Carolina. But, did I waste the trip? I don’t think so. In fact, I think I gained more than I would have.

You see, without my camera always in my hand, I really had the opportunity to see things differently. I looked at things like a tourist instead of like a photographer. I read plaques and history monuments instead of creating compositions. While I might usually miss the majority of information behind what I shoot, I wanted to learn about the stories behind what makes them great. It was actually a lot of fun!

When I returned home, I was energized again. I started catching up on deadlines and organized my planner. I got caught up on editing photos. The amount of progress I made was astounding! Am I saying that I’m not taking my camera with me anymore? Don’t be ridiculous! That’s insanity! In fact, that might be a deadly sin. I’ll have to check on that. But, this process might be a great way to scout locations in the future.

OK, I couldn’t completely unplug. I still snapped a few quick photos of the famous Angel Oak.


I also spent a lot of time playing with my GoPro that I always take with me when I travel. Take a look at the touristy side of South Carolina if you’d like!