GoPro or Sony Action Cam?

For the longest time, GoPro was the main player in the action cam market. They solidified themselves as the kingpin of action cameras and absolutely dominated the market. GoPro was able to develop their product, coming out with multiple new versions of their action cams dubbed “HERO” and then decided to make their company public. … Read more

Your New Best Friend for Cold Weather Photography – Vallerret Photography Gloves Episode 149

I recently had the opportunity to talk with the founder of a budding photography glove maker, Carl Van Den Boom to talk about his business, Vallerret. Carl has spent a great amount of time bouncing all over the globe, picking up jobs wherever he landed. Finally, he had a chance to settle down. That only … Read more

A User Review for Sony Mirrorless – Episode 137

As some of you know, I recently made the big switch. That’s right. I went mirrorless. Now a lot of you might think that it’s extremely expensive to go mirrorless, switching from your DSLR kit. However, I beat those odds and that’s not the case at all. I can now show you that going mirrorless … Read more

Do You Have Photography GAS?

Today, we are going to talk about a serious medical problem among photographers. In fact, I believe it is reaching epidemic and pandemic levels. I’m writing this as a public service announcement so that everyone will be aware that the problem is real, so take warning. All across the world, photographers have been acquiring dangerous … Read more