Making Your Photography Resolutions – Episode 159

Every year people make New Years Resolutions that they will either stick to and change their lives, or they will completely flake out on their resolution and never change. What is the difference in achieving a resolution and failing? Why do some succeed while others don’t? It’s a tremendous social experiment that I’ve been thinking … Read more

One Word Inspiration

Have you seen the “one word” charms on bracelets worn by celebrities and are so popular just about anywhere in the world? It is a circular “charm” stamped with a single word that is meant to describe the wearer’s intent. Not their name or title, but a term that defines their life purpose or goals … Read more

Take Photography Breaks

I have a serious love issue with my camera. It’s not weird or anything… or at least that’s what I keep telling myself. The fact is, I get really tired of my camera and photography all together. It’s the whole “Too much of a good thing,” issue. You see, the cycle goes a little something … Read more

What it Means to Hustle

What does it mean to hustle? Now, we aren’t talking about any illegal activities or shakedowns here. We are talking about the good ole fashioned hustle that it takes to succeed and realize the goals and dreams that you have. In photography, that may mean you are hustling to start your own business, build your … Read more