How to Use an ND Filter

***Attention: If you want to learn all about ND filters, read this post…*** Neutral density filters are one of the top tools I use to help enhance my landscape photography. I never leave step foot on any trail without one because they are so valuable to my style of photography. I’ve put together a few … Read more

The Magic of Long Exposures

There’s always a problem that photographers have when it comes to shooting large bodies of water. They are great for large landscape photographs, especially at sunrise and sunset. The photos and color look great, but there’s always one problem. The water looks distracting and choppy. Using long exposures will fix that! Whether you can do … Read more

A Few Quick Tips for Sunrise Photography Photography, especially landscape photography, can be a tricky thing. We constantly chase light wherever and however it shines. We work tirelessly to position ourselves in the right light or view so that our work will be best it can possibly be. Working to photograph a sunrise is no different. Sunrise photography requires taking chances … Read more

All About Neutral Density Filters

Landscape photographers are always looking for different advantages to improve their photography. We move around to get different angles, look for leading lines, and pull out every composition trick we can think of to get the best shot possible. But, composition doesn’t always give photographs the extra boost that make people say, “WOW!” So, if … Read more

All About Circular Polarizers

Ansel Adams once said, “Landscape photography is often the supreme test of the photographer, and often the supreme disappointment.” Many times we get to a location that we have planned to visit for months and the weather doesn’t cooperate, there isn’t enough water in the stream so the waterfalls is boring, or we didn’t get … Read more

How to Use the Histogram in Live View Histograms are a HUGE advantage to any field of photography. The histogram is a representation of light within the photograph. It will show highlights and shadows, and will warn you if you have any area of the photograph that is completely white or completely black. A balanced histogram is a curve that is not … Read more

How to Take Macro Photography I’ll admit, I don’t take macro photographs very much anymore. When I first started in photography I thought they were very interesting to look at and I researched them extensively. Lately, macro photography has become very popular with some photographers specializing exclusively in macro. They even break down macro photography into sub categories: flower macro, insect … Read more