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Hyperfocal Focusing and Photography

Hyperfocal focusing is a very important technique that can be used in landscape photography. It is the amount of sharp focus that photographers can get in the entire photograph. There are countless situations in which photographers have to know how much of an image they can get into the acceptable line of focus. Hyperfocal focusing […]

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The Ethics of Landscape Photography

As high quality digital cameras have become more and more accessible in the recent years, the number of people who consider themselves to be serious landscape photographers—whether they be hobbyists, professionals, or somewhere in between—has steadily grown. With this increased interest and participation in landscape photography, as well as the ease with which photographers can […]

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Using a Sony a6000 for Portraits

As a landscape photographer (primarily landscapes, but I’ll shoot anything), it’s always fun and exciting to get behind the camera and try some different techniques. I’ve always been a huge believer in the idea that spanning multiple photography genres and fields will allow people to grow in their creativity. Also, many different types of photography […]

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My Top Photos From 2015

2015 was a great year of educating, hiking, and learning from my own experiences in the field. I wanted to wait until the last possible moment to reveal my top socially enjoyed photos (on Instagram) from 2015, so I decided to release them today! I think it’s funny how some of my favorite photos from […]

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4 Steps for Better Adventure Photography

Adventure photography is getting extremely popular… Or maybe I just follow way too many adventure photographers… Either way, I wanted to share some ways to help you instantly take better adventure photos. The steps really aren’t that difficult if you know how to use your camera effectively. If you don’t, I would recommend you learn […]

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