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Photographers Should Learn to Use GoPro Software

This is a preliminary warning to the photography purists reading this that think photography should only consist or a camera, lenses, and a tripod. If you think like that, look away! Be warned, I’m talking about GoPro in this post! Now to your regularly scheduled post… Photoshop, Lightroom, and GoPro software? That’s right. I’ve started […]

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How Photographers Can Use Periscope

Marketing in photography (especially social media marketing) changes almost as much as camera technology changes. It seems like every week there is a new hashtag we are supposed to be following or creating. New strategies to get people to see your posts more are falling in and out of style all of the time. Why […]

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What it Means to Hustle

What does it mean to hustle? Now, we aren’t talking about any illegal activities or shakedowns here. We are talking about the good ole fashioned hustle that it takes to succeed and realize the goals and dreams that you have. In photography, that may mean you are hustling to start your own business, build your […]

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