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The Dangers of Sports Photography

It’s no mystery that sports can be dangerous if they get out of control, especially sports like football, rock climbing, snowboarding, skateboarding, or car racing. Athletes train for years to be able to control their bodies and equipment to the best of their ability. However, sometimes they push the limit too far and things get […]

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How to Photograph Skateboarding

You might know skateboarding for the terminology they use (that I’m not cool enough to use in everyday conversation), or for the high risk high reward tricks they perform. However, it’s time to recognize the art of skateboard photography as a serious talent that takes hard work and a lot of creativity to pull off. Just […]

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How to Use AI Servo

You may have noticed something when you are shooting fast moving objects… You focus, then the subject moves, then you have to refocus, then it’s out of focus, and around and around we go. It’s annoying! But listen up! There’s a better way! And I’m going to give it to you. The solution to your […]

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