Thinking Beyond the Typical Photo – Erin Babnik Episode 244

It truly is a joy having photographers as talented as Erin Babnik come on the Photography Roundtable Podcast. Erin has been someone I’ve looked up to as I’ve continued to study photography because she captures stunning, well-planned photographs. Speaking of well-planned images, who better to talk to than Erin about getting more thoughtful images. Erin … Read more

Risk Trying Something New – John Barclay Episode 243

John Barclay. Easily one of the most down to earth and humble photographers I’ve ever had the pleasure talking to about the amazing art form that is photography. He’s also one of the best photographers I’ve had the distinct pleasure to interview. I found John on Instagram and I knew immediately that I wanted to … Read more

You’ve Got That Photo Feelin’ – Episode 242

So, I’ve been following Manny Palacios for a long time on Instagram and Facebook. The guy creates killer content that is fun to follow and really easy to learn from. I highly recommend following him on Instagram and Facebook. I wanted to get Manny on the podcast for what I thought would be a heavily … Read more

Who’s Chasing Who? – Episode 241

So the other day I was watching a behind the scenes video on the Chris Burkard film, Under an Arctic Sky. By the way, this is a great documentary on what big time photography journeys are like. I highly recommend it! Anyways, here’s the video: In the video there’s a quote on photographers that are … Read more

My Biggest Mistake EVER! – Episode 240

I’m baaaaaaack! Welcome back into the Photography Roundtable Podcast. I took six months off. But I’m back. Why did I leave for six months? To get my life straight. I plunged myself so deep into the abyss of things I hated about the photography world that I couldn’t stand myself anymore. Listen… I couldn’t even … Read more

Photography Conservation Episode 239

There are times to remain silent. And then there are times to speak out loud. In this episode of The Photography Roundtable Podcast we talk about photography conservation efforts that should be taken by photographers to preserve our careers and the places we love most. It’s not a difficult issue to tackle, but in an … Read more

The Creative Process – Erin Babnik Episode 238

In this podcast episode, I talk to Erin Babnik about her views on the creative process. The creative process can be just that; a process. The problem with some photographers is that they don’t always know how to deal with creativity and all of the things that come with it. When the creative process is … Read more

The Art of Winter Photography – Michael Bollino Episode 237

About a year ago I invited Michael Bollino to be on the podcast to tell us about his photography and the process he shoots with. In this episode, Michael and I are going to be discussing the art of winter photography and what you need to know to shoot successful photographs in snow and icy … Read more

Photography New Year’s Resolutions – Episode 236

In this episode of the Photography Roundtable Podcast, we will be going over photography New Year’s resolutions. These resolutions are not your typical topics of losing weight or skipping out on sodas in 2017. In this podcast we are going to be dissecting what it means to set a manageable goal in photography. So, why … Read more

Best of the Photography Roundtable Podcast – Episode 235

Enjoy this best of the Photography Roundtable Podcast episode! Since this is a replay episode, it means it’s either a holiday, I’m out of the country, or I just wanted to allow you to listen to an archived interview because it was so good. Either way, I hope you enjoy this, and that you for … Read more

Hustle More – Episode 234

The word “Hustle” gets thrown around a lot on the world wide web and it shouldn’t be. Why? Because the word “Hustle” is getting watered down. It’s losing its meaning. The severity of the word is becoming, well, less severe. We need to understand that if we want to improve as photographers we need to … Read more

Talkin’ Tech – Colby Brown Episode 233

Colby Brown has been on the Photography Roundtable Podcast many times before, but I can’t remember a time when we’ve been able to dive deep into the technology world of photography. It’s a shame really because photographers love their gear and love to explore newly released products. Colby knows a lot about what has been … Read more

The Van Life – James Barkman Episode 232

There are two striking things about James Barkman that made me want to have him on the Photography Roundtable Podcast. He shoots film (and thinks you should too) He lives out of his van (by choice, not necessity) I knew that James was going to be a great interview with a lot of great insight … Read more

A Trip Out West and More – Jon Secord Episode 231

If my memory serves me correctly (which is a huge risk) I believe this is Jon Secord’s third time to come on the Photography Roundtable Podcast. I’ve had Jon on in the past to discuss his work and his process in planning locations, but I do enjoy the talks I get to have with good … Read more

Interview Role Reversal – Episode 230

You know, I’m very comfortable behind the microphone as the interviewer. I’m not so comfortable being the interviewee. However, my good friend Carl Van den Boom asked me to be on his new podcast, The Photopreneur Podcast, a while back. While I don’t always agree that I’m a good guest, I thought some of the … Read more