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Gifting a Photography Experience

A photographer must be the easiest person to gift. Ask any photographer what they want, and there is always something on their “want” list. After all, the kit of a photographer is extensive: camera body(ies), lens (s), filters, camera bags/backpacks, flash, flash accessories for a studio setup, tripod, tripod head, cargo pants, vests, boots, outerwear […]

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Tips for Travel Photography

When more people have access to cameras, there are more opportunities for photos from all over the globe. People like to share and remember their trips. It’s not unusual for me to get an email from someone asking about the camera they should get for a trip they are about to take. One of the […]

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Best Photo Locations in Washington

Much like Oregon, I think Washington is a real hidden gem in landscape photography. I’m not talking about just the coast lines, I’m talking about the entire state. Both states located in the northwestern corner of the continental United States are bursting with photography locations. While I think Oregon might edge out Washington just barely, […]

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Are GoPro Stills Good Quality?

Normally, you think of GoPro cameras for their amazing ability and versatility to shoot compelling short films about your travels, day to day life, and drone footage. You may or may not know about their vast photography features as well. With a lot of options for still photos, photo bursts, and time lapse sequences, GoPros […]

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Best Photo Locations in Idaho

Welcome to continued posts from Photography Roundtable bringing you the greatest locations to take photos throughout each state of the United States. We need to get out and start experiencing our country and finding the locations that make it great and beautiful! So, as we continue to scour the country to find locations, we come […]

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