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Combining Landscapes and Night Skies – Kevin Jordan Episode 225

Kevin Jordan is another one of those photographers that I’ve had an email and social media friendship with for a long time now. He’s even provided a couple articles for Photography Roundtable. It’s only fitting that Kevin joined me for an interview on the podcast! Kevin is one of those guys from the northeast landscape […]

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The Best of Photography Roundtable – Episode 212

The other day I was thinking, “You know, I should get Ryan Dyar on the podcast again.” And then I thought, “I’m travelling, so the next best thing would be to get him on a best of episode.” So, that’s what I did.   How to Subscribe to My Podcast (free!) A podcast is a […]

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The Best of Photography Roundtable – Episode 210

  This is the “BEST OF” episode of the Photography Roundtable Podcast! That means I’m either: Out of the country Without Internet Something else But you’re still in good hands! This is an older episode featuring Sean Bagshaw. Even if it’s an oldie, it a goodie! Visit Sean’s website! See what’s going on with Photo […]

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Closing the Deal – Episode 165

For the past few weeks on the Thursday edition of the Photography Roundable Podcast, we’ve been going through a step by step series on how to become a better photographer in 2016 as well as how to get more photography business in 2016. They’re over some very useful topics that all photographers at any level […]

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A Trip to Charleston, South Carolina

In today’s post, I wanted to share my recent trip to Charleston, South Carolina. Now, when I usually go on trips, I’m going to take photographs. This trip started out the same way. The planning included photo locations I could visit, famous sites to shoot, and I planned to return with an entirely new set […]

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Rethinking Framing – Episode 119

How to Subscribe to My Podcast (free!) A podcast is a free downloadable audio show that enables you to learn while you’re on the go.  To subscribe to my podcast for free, you’ll need an app to listen to the show from. For iPhone/iPad/iPod listeners – Grab your phone or device and go to the iTunes store […]

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Best of Photography Roundtable Podcast – Episode 105

Hey guys, while I’m not currently traveling, my recent trip really did a number on me and I’m still struggling to get my feet back under me. While I didn’t contract any weird diseases in Haiti, I do think I really injured my shoulder. It’s been bad for a while but falling out of a […]

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Workshop Announcements and Another Giveaway! – Episode 89

I wanted to give all of the listeners of Photography Roundtable Podcast a little sneak peak behind the curtain of the ridiculous amount of planning that’s going on right now. If you don’t know, I’m currently working on a huge landscape workshop lineup that will rock your socks off. I’m planning workshops to the more […]

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Free Cameras for Everyone!

Note: Before you commit to reading this post about the exciting news about free cameras, be sure you understand that you must read the entire article… I have a big announcement everyone! Three of the major camera companies have agreed to give 100 readers of Photography Roundtable, and listeners of the Photography Roundtable Podcast free […]

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Workshop Announcements and a Possible XT-1 Little Bro – Episode 69

Photography Roundtable has come a long way since it was just an infant in my mind in March of 2014. Hopefully, it has been a quality photography resource for everyone, as well as a fun learning site you can visit and expect to find something that can benefit your photography! Well, just because Photography Roundtable […]

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Samsung NX500

As the mirrorless camera movement continues to progress, there are a lot of companies jumping on the train. Even though Samsung isn’t new to producing mirrorless cameras, this is probably the first one that I will take seriously. Samsung has released the new NX500 mirrorless camera that is an upgrade of the NX300 system they […]

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How to Take Real Estate Photos

One of the biggest fields of sales that is really lacking quality photos is residential real estate. This is literally an untapped well of opportunity that I’m just giving you! Countless listings look like the photos were taken without thought on a cheap point and shoot camera or on a phone. I’ve read countless times […]

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How to Make Your Own White Box

Welcome to the photography DIY channel… I mean, welcome back to the Photography Roundtable. Today I’m going to be showing you how to make your own white box. Normally white boxes are used for product or modeling photography. They are used for those photos that make a model or product look like they are in […]

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