Compelling Perspectives for Sports Photography

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As photographers, it’s important that we don’t get caught in a rut or a slump. Taking photos that look the same makes us feel monotone in style and feels like we are running through quicksand in the race to photo mastery. But, fear not Roundtable Nation! There is a simple and easy solution to photo slumps.

Taking photos from different perspectives will give you the creative juices you need to take better photos. It will jolt your thinking and open a door to a whole new world of creative photos.

Photos that are taken at eye level are tiring because it’s exactly what people see when they are walking around. However, when you make the effort to get to different perspectives, you will start taking more interesting photographs. Let’s see what we can do to take photos from different perspectives.

Low Perspectives

Low perspectives and sports are always a match made in heaven, especially if you’re shooting for a magazine, newspaper, or for a company that makes sports posters. The main thing that a low perspective does for any type of photography is it makes the subject of the photo look larger (much larger) than they actually are in real life.

So, think about it this way; when you were a kid and you watched sports, you probably had a favorite athlete that you thought was larger than life. You probably pretended a time or two that you were that athlete in your backyard or driveway, about to take the last second shot in the championship game.

Those low perspective photographs make the athletes look larger than life.

They make the athlete look like a hero.

Crouch down after a team scores and catch the celebration from a low perspective!

So, next time you’re shooting sports, remember back to when you were a kid and you had a sports hero. Then, use your camera to get a perspective that reflects how you used to view athletes.

High Perspectives

It’s tough to really nail a great high perspective shot in sports photography because there are always a few factors that go into getting that shot. You see, high perspectives in sports capture the entire ambiance and emotion of the entire sporting event that you’re shooting. So, with that in mind, you have to get really high up.

To get a great high perspective shot, you need:

  • A place that’s really high up (a catwalk on the ceiling of a dome, the top row of a large stadium, etc…)
  • A very wide lens or a fish eye lens
  • A big moment in the game (the national anthem, a touchdown, kickoff, face off, tip off, etc…)

Obviously, not every sporting event has an elaborate national anthem or made for TV coin toss. That’s why it’s not easy to shoot high perspectives that will allow you to capture big moments in sports.

Sports are big, sports are great. That’s why you want to work to be able to capture them in all of their glory. So, next time you’re shooting a sporting event, don’t just stand there! Crouch and climb to get those amazing shots!

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