Creating Digital Art With Your Photography – Episode 115

A couple weeks ago, I asked Photography Roundtable listeners to send in suggestions of how to make the podcast better. One of the topics I got was one that had to deal with creating digital art with your photography. Now, this really tickled my fancy because it’s something that I’ve been experimenting with in the past could of months and couldn’t be more thrilled with the feedback and likes that I’m getting from this new venture!

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Using Photoshop to create digital art from photography is very simple if you know how to use some filters and pick a good color pallet to compliment the photo that you decide to use. Or, maybe you want to feature your photograph naturally, but in more of a double exposure style. You can do that too! In this podcast episode, I’m going to explain my process of creating digital art with photography.


What’s in this episode?

  • Using photography as your base
  • Filter selections in Photoshop
  • Complimentary text colors
  • Double exposure digital art
  • Making vintage posters from photography

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