An Emphasis on Travel – Erez Marom Episode 196

1600px_erez_1a3__standardI’ll have to admit, I was going into this interview a little bit blind. Well, maybe not blind since I peruse possible guest’s websites to see if I should reach out to them about coming on the Photography Roundtable Podcast or not. Erez Marom certainly fit the bill and was worthy of an interview based on his work.

What I mean by going into this interview blind is that I only looked at his photos. Now, I knew that Erez Marom wouldn’t be joining me on Skype from the United States, but I didn’t know where he was going to be located.

You see, Erez is constantly travelling. He could have been anywhere!

I love talking to photographers from other parts of the world because they have such a different perspective on photography than American photographers. I get the feeling that photographers in the United States are generally more business minded, while photographers from other parts of the world are highly driven by passion. I got the feeling that Erez was no different.

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