How to Get Started in Sports Photography

253086_6826Disclaimer: I’m going to admit that getting into sports photography requires some luck from a chain of events. Sports photography is very competitive. There isn’t a fool-proof way to get noticed. However, I will give you a tip on how to get started in sports photography. I was lucky enough to know a sports editor from college who hired me to take photographs for the University of Tennessee 2013 football season. You may not know a sports editor, but there is a way to get on the field.

Image-3It doesn’t matter how big the event or venue is, all you have to do is build a quality portfolio and get noticed. If you have ever worked in sports photography or tried to do sports photography, you know that you need a field pass. You might also know that they are not cheap. However, sporting events, teams, or universities will get an allotment from the organizations competing in events. Here’s what you can do.

Everyone lives near a local sporting venue, university, or team. Look up the organizations you live close to and go down the roster. Look for individuals from the city you live in or live near. Once you find a player from your town who is associated with an organization or team, contact your local press and tell them you are interested in providing free photographs of the athlete from your town. They will either: tell you no (it never hurts to ask), tell you that they will agree to use the photographs you take for future stories and work out a way to get you a field pass, or they will be so excited because they have been wanting to cover that athlete and they will arrange to get you a field pass.

By using my advice you aren’t making any money. But, to get started you really need to build a high quality portfolio of sports photographs. That means you might have to do this a few times to get a lot of different shots. Then, arrange a portfolio of your best photographs are hit the trail hard! I’ll take the work of someone who grinds, works hard, and takes good photographs any day of the week. I hope my advice works to your advantage and you’re able to get on the field! As always, if you have any questions or need advice feel free to CONTACT ME.

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  1. Very smart information about covering the local player…I never would’ve thought of that. I’m also really disappointed that there aren’t any photos of David Beckham included in this article.

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