Going From 3 Auto Focus Points to Leading Safaris – Andy Biggs Episode 102

20110909-DSC_2201What is there to say about Andy Biggs? I think his Twitter description pretty much sums it up: African wildlife photographer, photo safari leader, joke teller, goofball, husband, father and founder of Gura Gear (the best photo bags on the planet). 

Throughout my time organizing, recording, and editing the Photography Roundtable Podcast, I’ve come across and spoken to a number of inspiring people in the photography industry. I have to say that Andy Biggs is right at the top of the list. Hearing how Andy got started in photography, as well as listening to his vast knowledge about every aspect of photography was mind blowing.

It’s rare to hear from someone who has been in the game since the dawn of digital photography and has been successful the whole time. That’s why the time that you are about to spend listening to Andy’s thoughts about business, safaris, technology, and printing may be the best investment of your time today.

I highly recommend listening to this twice and taking notes!

What’s in this episode:

  • How Andy Biggs got started in photography
  • The progress of technology in digital cameras (3 AF points?!)
  • How Andy found his niche in photography
  • Tips for photographing wildlife from various vehicles
  • How to know when to shoot in black and white
  • Why Andy is starting to move away from Lightroom
  • Printing workshops… with plenty of coffee and BBQ
  • Should you be spending a lot of time post processing

Links from this episode:

Andy’s Website

Andy’s Blog

Andy’s Workshops

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Photographing Safaris From Vehicles:

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