A New Voice in Photography – Candee Watson Episode 247

If there’s one thing in photography that I love more than anything else it’s hearing from up and coming photographers.

Candee Watson is definitely one of those. I found her on Instagram not too long ago and after scrolling through a few images I knew that I wanted to have her on the Photography Roundtable Podcast.

Fresh voices in photography are absolutely necessary.

You see, photography is something that needs new blood for new, progressive ideas and innovation. That’s what I believe Candee can bring to the photography world.

In Candee Watson’s own words…

I have not always been a photographer. What started out being something that I could do with my son, has now become a passion. Photography is not what I do, its a part of who I am… and I live it every day.

In this episode I talk with Candee Watson about:

  • What education in photography looks like now
  • How to practice a creative vision and composition
  • Places to shoot in the Pacific Northwest
  • What can other photographers do to be successful while starting out

Check out Candee’s website!

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