Where is the Next Great Landscape? – Alex Nail Episode 190

12112021_944710248923952_4177248310924370167_nHere’s a great story about how I reached out to Alex Nail and asked him to be on the Photography Roundtable Podcast. I found an old email from a listener who had Alex on their list. Now, keep in mind that this email was like three months old and had slipped into a different folder. So, I looked up Alex and went to his website.

While on Alex’s website I found his time lapse video from Greenland and it looked really familiar. I came to find out that I had watched the same video the day before when I was just playing around on Vimeo! What a small world!

So, I reached out to Alex Nail at 3:00AM my time while shooting a time lapse of my own and he agreed to come on the show.

Sometimes the stories behind scheduling interviews are really entertaining.

The great thing about Alex Nail is that he knows what he’s doing, both in the field and in post processing. Whether Alex is shooting a huge vista from the top of a mountain peak, or shooting a time lapse that will take hours to put together, Alex knows what it takes to be successful at both. And he will share how to do so in this episode!

Not only that, but we will discuss just what is the next great landscape photography location?

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