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I believe in creating a photography community where everyone involved improves to achieve their goals, whether that’s improving your hobby or becoming a full-time photographer. To achieve that dream I can only create meaningful content that will help you understand how to improve your photography. People are always asking for your email, but I will … Read more

How to Take Macro Photography I’ll admit, I don’t take macro photographs very much anymore. When I first started in photography I thought they were very interesting to look at and I researched them extensively. Lately, macro photography has become very popular with some photographers specializing exclusively in macro. They even break down macro photography into sub categories: flower macro, insect … Read more

What is Exposure?

Understanding exposure is the first step to creating interesting photographs in manual mode. If you just got a DSLR camera I’m begging you to learn how to use creative exposures with your camera. If you’ve been using your DSLR in green mode (fully automatic mode) you’ve probably experienced some frustration with trying to make your … Read more

How to Photograph Fireworks

It’s that time of year to gather together and set explosives on fire for our enjoyment. It makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside doesn’t it? Let’s learn 12 tips for how to photograph fireworks! Scout Your Location Before the fireworks begin you want to be able to picture what the photograph is going to look like. Either … Read more

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