Photography 101

Are you tired of not understanding your camera settings?

Confused by all of the dials and buttons?

Are you frustrated that your photos don’t look as good as other people’s?

Young woman using modern dslr photo camera

The Photography 101 ebook is designed to help you understand the camera’s controls and shooting better photos as fast as possible. This structure works! I’ve helped hundreds of people understand their cameras and how to compose a photograph that will get better results immediately!

Photography 101 will help you through every step from taking your DSLR camera out of the box to using your camera in manual mode. This guide for beginners will help you gain confidence when you aren’t shooting in an automatic mode, and it will encourage you to progress your photography skills while developing your understanding of the world of photography. Read along as you go through topics of camera modes, file types, composition, guidelines of photography, lighting, and much more!

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