Samsung NX500

1As the mirrorless camera movement continues to progress, there are a lot of companies jumping on the train. Even though Samsung isn’t new to producing mirrorless cameras, this is probably the first one that I will take seriously. Samsung has released the new NX500 mirrorless camera that is an upgrade of the NX300 system they previously had on the market.


The Samsung NX500 offers a lot of great features, which is why I’m taking it seriously. I would even put it as number two or three on my mirrorless recommendations right now, competing with Sony Alpha a6000 and Fujifilm X-M1.


Now, the Samsung NX500 is not a full frame mirrorless camera like the Sony Alpha a7II, so I can’t put it in the same category. The NX500 is an APS-C CMOS sensor with 28 MP. You may be tempted to scoff at a MP count of 28 with so many cameras at 36 or even 50 now, but a CMOS sensor with 28 MP is more than enough to capture a lot of clarity within a photograph.


The Samsung NX500 also shoots at 9FPS with multiple motion detection settings. You’ll be able to shoot all of the action you need because the Samsung NX500 comes with 205 phase detection auto focus points. If you’re unfamiliar with AF points, that’s a lot.


One of my favorite features on the Samsung NX500 is the ability it has for capture some amazing sports photos. There’s a baseball detection mode that will take a photo when the ball come in contact with a bat. Now, that may seem slightly unnecessary to some, but another feature allows you to select a location on the sensor and when your subject touches that point, the Samsung NX500 will take a photo. That means, no more missing crucial sports photos or wildlife photos.


Overall, the Samsung NX500 is a true contender in the mirrorless CMOS sensor market. The specs and visual presentation of the Samsung NX500 is great, and I expect a lot of big things to come from Samsung soon.


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