What is the Shutter?

Your camera collects and monitors light using three things: shutter, aperture, and ISO. These three light gathering functions work together to balance light in order to properly expose a photograph. Shutter is the amount of time that a photo is being taken. The shutter is represented as a fraction such as 1/200. That mean that the shutter will be open for one two-hundredth of a second.

When focusing on shutter, you must also keep in mind the amount of motion that will show up in your photographs. For faster movement, you will want to use a faster shutter speed to capture the motion without blurring.

Flow slower motion or no motion at all, you can set the shutter speed as long as you can without your own arm movement affecting the photograph. If you have a tripod, go crazy and set the shutter speed as low as you want! Just remember, don’t let the tripod or camera move or else your photograph will be blurry.

Below, I have constructed a PDF file for you to download and use as a basic guide for what speed your shutter should be set to. Just click on the link that says “shutter” below to download. I hope this helps next time you are out shooting! If you have any questions contact me!



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    • It really depends on the effect you want to show, Rob. If you are trying to freeze the water’s motion, use a fast shutter speed. If you want to show the silky smooth motion effect, use a slower shutter speed of about 1/30.

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