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Hyperfocal Focusing and Photography

Hyperfocal focusing is a very important technique that can be used in landscape photography. It is the amount of sharp focus that photographers can get in the entire photograph. There are countless situations in which photographers have to know how much of an image they can get into the acceptable line of focus. Hyperfocal focusing […]

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Night Photography and Hyperfocal Tips – Jennifer Wu Episode 154

Jennifer Wu is a landscape photographer who was actually requested to be on the Photography Roundtable Podcast a long time ago. So, contacting Jennifer had been on my radar for a while. When I finally did, I was pleased that we had a pretty quick turn around from first contact to interview. Sand Dunes at […]

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Manually Focus with a Fixed Lens

Sometimes an auto focus lens just won’t cut it, especially for low light situations like night photography when your subject is so dark that the camera can’t find a point to focus on. It’s moments like this that we need to be knowledgeable about how to manually focus using fixed lenses. Now, unlike zoom lenses, fixed […]

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How to Use Hyperfocal Distance

Landscape photography creates breathtaking scenes that make people want to visit the place where the photo was taken. Just take Pinterest for example. There are tons of boards that people have created of vast landscapes in exotic places that people want to travel to. Usually, a standard landscape photograph is taken with a wide angle lens incorporating […]

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