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Island Hopping and Photography – Hubert Matsuda Episode 224

I’ve been following Hubert Matsuda for a long time now. Actually, I’ve been following him since he asked me to critique his Instagram feed. After seeing his Instagram, I emailed him back to say that he didn’t need my help. Hubert and I have had a few comments back and forth since that original introduction, […]

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How to Take Better Instagram Photos

Instagram is at the top of the list for photography marketing because it’s the only social media platform that caters solely to sharing photography. I mean, think about it. You can share photos on every platform, but Instagram is the only one that gets rid of statuses and the majority of the text. It gets […]

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100 Best Instagram Photographers

Whether you love it, or you hate it, Instagram is an amazing place to find, connect with, and view amazing work by photographers. I love social media because it breaks down walls of social norms and allows us to freely communicate with amazing people we would never have the chance to meet otherwise. To be […]

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11 Creative Instagram Photo Ideas

Instagram is a great place to easily share photos with your friends and family. But, did you know some people have made photography careers using Instagram? It’s true! Thanks to the ever expanding social media world, Instagram has made it easier than ever to gain fans by posting great photos and using hashtags. Here are […]

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