Diving Into Complex Photography – Sean Bagshaw Episode 248

Sean Bagshaw has been on the Photography Roundtable Podcast before and they were great shows. Check the out here… The Most Important Thing Photographers Can Do – Sean Bagshaw Episode 50 How to Photograph Amazing Light – Sean Bagshaw Episode 170 This time I wanted to get specific with Sean. I wanted to talk complex … Read more

Night Photography and Hyperfocal Tips – Jennifer Wu Episode 154

Jennifer Wu is a landscape photographer who was actually requested to be on the Photography Roundtable Podcast a long time ago. So, contacting Jennifer had been on my radar for a while. When I finally did, I was pleased that we had a pretty quick turn around from first contact to interview. Sand Dunes at … Read more

Why Can’t I See the Milky Way?

Short answer: You’re in an area that has too much light pollution. However, short answers don’t make for great photography articles, so I’m going to give you the long answer. As the earth’s population continues to congregate in areas that are becoming closer to one another, the issue of light pollution has become disastrous for … Read more

What is ETTR?

Night photographers are able to do more and more through the improvements of technology. Cameras are becoming more light sensitive as well as better equipped to shoot during low light situations. Take the Nikon D810A for example. It was specifically designed for astrophotography. The biggest issue in night photography is the problem of light pollution, also … Read more

Getting Nerdy With Night Photography – Adam Woodworth Episode 71

The first time Adam Woodworth joined me on the Photography Roundtable Podcast, we barely had the chance to get into the technical side of night photography. You can only talk about so much in a thirty minute window. Thankfully, Adam agreed to come on the show again in such a short amount of time. Since … Read more