Live From A Night Photography Shoot – Episode 167

When I first started shooting landscapes and especially night photography, I wanted to show people everything that went into planning and experiencing a shoot. What a lot of people don’t realize is all the factors that go into planning and then carrying out a photo. So many times landscape photographers experience issues that they can’t … Read more

Night Photography and Hyperfocal Tips – Jennifer Wu Episode 154

Jennifer Wu is a landscape photographer who was actually requested to be on the Photography Roundtable Podcast a long time ago. So, contacting Jennifer had been on my radar for a while. When I finally did, I was pleased that we had a pretty quick turn around from first contact to interview. Sand Dunes at … Read more

How to Photograph Star Trails

You know those photos at night with crazy circles and lines of light in the sky(you know, like this one…)? Those lines and circles are called star trails. Star trails are simply the captured paths that stars take across the night sky! Since stars are constantly moving around due to the earth’s rotation, photographers can easily … Read more