Photography Has Nothing to do With the Destination – Episode 228

When I was asked to share some of my thoughts of travel photography with a photography group in St. Louis, I started to think about what travel photography even meant to me. Why do I enjoy it so much? What am I supposed to do with photography? One experience I had in September of 2013 … Read more

Sleeping in Cars and Taking Care of Parks – Jason Hatfield Episode 204

It’s rare when when I get to do a podcast with people in person. It’s even more rare when I get to record a podcast in a location like Grand Teton National Park. That’s exactly what I got to do at the end of May with Jason Hatfield, a photographer who spends a lot of … Read more

Adapting to Lighting on the Fly – Sarah Marino and Ron Coscorrosa Episode 198

Sarah Marino and Ron Coscorrosa are two of my favorite people to interview and have on the Photography Roundtable Podcast. Why? Well, they don’t give cliche answers. Every response they have is very unique and genuine. To be honest, it keeps me on my toes as an interviewer and makes me think harder about photography. … Read more

An Emphasis on Travel – Erez Marom Episode 196

I’ll have to admit, I was going into this interview a little bit blind. Well, maybe not blind since I peruse possible guest’s websites to see if I should reach out to them about coming on the Photography Roundtable Podcast or not. Erez Marom certainly fit the bill and was worthy of an interview based … Read more

Hopping the Globe with Ken Koskela – Episode 134

My good photography friend and fellow Tennessean, Dusty Doddridge, recently sent me a LONG, ROBUST list of photographers that I need to consider having on the podcast. First of all, I want to say thank you to Dusty! Second, I want to say thank you to Ken Koskela! He was one of the photographers on … Read more

Tiny House Giant Journey… And Photography – Guillaume Dutilh Episode 130

What is there to say about a photographer like Guillaume Dutilh? He’s a self described dreamer (his website is called Giant Dream Photogrpahy) who doesn’t really worry about future implications of plans too much. A lot of people see that as a bad thing. However, I see it as Guillaume’s outlet to doing something that … Read more

Tips from the King of New England Fall Foliage – Jim Salge Episode 124

What a great treat it is for Photography Roundtable to be blessed by the presence of the king of New England fall foliage, Jim Salge. Jim is a photographer who is passionate about shooting in the states that make up what we call New England. Not only does Jim Salge bring a vast knowledge of … Read more

Traveling the Globe with Clint Burkinshaw – Episode 122

Clint Burkinshaw┬áis one of the premier travel photographers on the planet, and I’m extremely humbled and excited that he joined the photography roundtable podcast to talk about how to take better travel photographs, as well as share a few stories that he’s had along the way. If you follow travel photography closely, you know that … Read more

Making the Transition from Portraits and Weddings – Joe Hendricks Episode 118

I’ve known Joe Hendricks for a long time. He was actually one of the first people to help me find my way in photography after I decided to make the plunge into the depths of the photo world. Joe has joined the podcast in the past (in episode 12) and he joins it again about … Read more