August – A Better Photography App

BeFunky CollageAs a photographer, I love photography apps. The most popular one at the moment is Instagram. It’s fun, easy to use, and lets you follow all of your friends. However, there have always been some things that I wish Instagram did better.

The people at August must have heard my cry because they built a better photography app for creative photographers to share images and stories.

I believe that photography is best told in story format in a way that captures the full attention of the audience. When you combine a high quality photograph in a story board format, you bridge the gap between photographer and viewer and invite an audience into your world.

That’s exactly what August has done with their photography app.


August still allows you to share photos and follow your friends, but their stories are what sets them apart. On no other app can you follow a photographer’s journey to a new location to get updates on behind the scenes adventures while also getting to view the finished shots.

Stories will not only help you share your voice on a large stage, but your stories will also create more involved, more passionate followers for your photography.


When I first started using stories, I thought it was pretty cool how you could share photos in a format that allowed you to share adventures with followers through photography and text.

And then I started looking at other people’s stories and a whole new world opened for me. Not only are you sharing photos, but you can also share videos and music files to give your stories even more power.

August is still in its infancy. Which is amazing because it’s such a great idea. It’s always important to get involved in amazing social platforms early. Look at the early adapters of Instagram. They have huge followings and even get job offers through Instagram. So, don’t waste anymore time getting on August. Click the image below to create an account and start sharing your stories today!