Hustle More – Episode 234

The word “Hustle” gets thrown around a lot on the world wide web and it shouldn’t be. Why? Because the word “Hustle” is getting watered down. It’s losing its meaning. The severity of the word is becoming, well, less severe. We need to understand that if we want to improve as photographers we need to … Read more

Talkin’ Tech – Colby Brown Episode 233

Colby Brown has been on the Photography Roundtable Podcast many times before, but I can’t remember a time when we’ve been able to dive deep into the technology world of photography. It’s a shame really because photographers love their gear and love to explore newly released products. Colby knows a lot about what has been … Read more

The Van Life – James Barkman Episode 232

There are two striking things about James Barkman that made me want to have him on the Photography Roundtable Podcast. He shoots film (and thinks you should too) He lives out of his van (by choice, not necessity) I knew that James was going to be a great interview with a lot of great insight … Read more

A Trip Out West and More – Jon Secord Episode 231

If my memory serves me correctly (which is a huge risk) I believe this is Jon Secord’s third time to come on the Photography Roundtable Podcast. I’ve had Jon on in the past to discuss his work and his process in planning locations, but I do enjoy the talks I get to have with good … Read more

Interview Role Reversal – Episode 230

You know, I’m very comfortable behind the microphone as the interviewer. I’m not so comfortable being the interviewee. However, my good friend Carl Van den Boom asked me to be on his new podcast, The Photopreneur Podcast, a while back. While I don’t always agree that I’m a good guest, I thought some of the … Read more

Time Blending and the Matsuda Effect – Hubert Matsuda Episode 229

I really enjoy having my good friend Hubert Matsuda on the podcast because he brings such a positive vibe and Hawaiian flair. Maybe that’s what he’s dubbed the “Matsuda Effect” to life. On this podcast episode we are going to talk about the Matsuda effect in photography post-processing. If you have ever doubted the importance … Read more

Photography Has Nothing to do With the Destination – Episode 228

When I was asked to share some of my thoughts of travel photography with a photography group in St. Louis, I started to think about what travel photography even meant to me. Why do I enjoy it so much? What am I supposed to do with photography? One experience I had in September of 2013 … Read more

A Big Question People Always Ask and a Big Announcement – Episode 227

What’s amazing about photography is that I’m almost always able to predict the questions that some people will ask me. One of the questions I can predict recently in classes or workshops is, “What’s in your bag?” I admit, it’s a great question that should be discussed. However I want to respond to that question … Read more

Say it With Me, Photography Etiquette – Episode 226

I’ve covered this topic several times on the photography roundtable podcast, and it truly pains me and bothers me that I have to cover it again. Photography etiquette is becoming a HUGE issue in the world. I’m hearing more and more stories about photographers being rude, not taking care of photo locations, and wreaking havoc … Read more

Combining Landscapes and Night Skies – Kevin Jordan Episode 225

Kevin Jordan is another one of those photographers that I’ve had an email and social media friendship with for a long time now. He’s even provided a couple articles for Photography Roundtable. It’s only fitting that Kevin joined me for an interview on the podcast! Kevin is one of those guys from the northeast landscape … Read more

Island Hopping and Photography – Hubert Matsuda Episode 224

I’ve been following Hubert Matsuda for a long time now. Actually, I’ve been following him since he asked me to critique his Instagram feed. After seeing his Instagram, I emailed him back to say that he didn’t need my help. Hubert and I have had a few comments back and forth since that original introduction, … Read more

Best of The Photography Roundtable Podcast – Episode 223

It’s a tremendous honor to get to chat with some of the best photographers on the planet. They’re inspiring, educated, and share some amazing tips for everyone wanting to improve their own photos. Aaron Keigher is no exception to that. In fact, I enjoyed our conversation so much that I wanted to replay it as … Read more

Haters Gonna Hate – Episode 222

I’ve been a photographer a long time and if there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that there are a vast amount of haters in the world. Haters gonna hate, and they’re going to come at you if you make your work public. In this podcast I share personal stories about dealing with people who are … Read more

When Do You Know It’s a Great Photo? – Episode 221

There are a lot of things that go into a photograph that can make it great. Photographers spend an unusual amount of time planning out photographs, shooting photographs, and finally editing photographs. During the process you might have multiple moments when you think that the photo is going to be amazing and you can’t wait … Read more

Travel and Restraint – Ian Plant Episode 220

If I gave anyone a gold medal for being on The Photography Roundtable Podcast more than anyone else Ian Plant would get it. But this isn’t the Olympics, so he’ll have to settle for a participation award. This is Ian’s fourth time on the podcast and I keep bringing him on because he gives great … Read more