The Truth About the Photography Culture

Photographers have unique minds. You can’t put them into their own category. In fact, if you tried, I’m pretty sure you’d end up confusing yourself. So what is the mentality of a photographer? It’s a roller coaster ride. Photographers get excited about lines and light that others would pass by. Photographers are often upset that … Read more

GoPro or Sony Action Cam?

For the longest time, GoPro was the main player in the action cam market. They solidified themselves as the kingpin of action cameras and absolutely dominated the market. GoPro was able to develop their product, coming out with multiple new versions of their action cams dubbed “HERO” and then decided to make their company public. … Read more

One Word Inspiration

Have you seen the “one word” charms on bracelets worn by celebrities and are so popular just about anywhere in the world? It is a circular “charm” stamped with a single word that is meant to describe the wearer’s intent. Not their name or title, but a term that defines their life purpose or goals … Read more