Is This Photoshopped?

At some point or another, most photographers will be asked a certain question that is typically expected to be answered with a simple “yes” or “no.” An admirer sees your photo, stares at it in awe, and in disbelief they ask “Is this Photoshopped?” The answer: Yes. But No.  Alright, sort of, but just probably … Read more

Aurora HDR

The wonderful and amazing Trey Ratcliff has developed his own HDR software that’s actually really easy to use! I’ve got the pre-order ready for you! Just click here for the awesome pre-order bundle price! All words, photos, and videos in this post are by Trey, not me. Holy Aurora Batman! I Made My Own HDR Software … Read more

Creating Digital Art With Your Photography – Episode 115

A couple weeks ago, I asked Photography Roundtable listeners to send in suggestions of how to make the podcast better. One of the topics I got was one that had to deal with creating digital art with your photography. Now, this really tickled my fancy because it’s something that I’ve been experimenting with in the past … Read more