Portrait Framing: Don’t Cut People

“I shoot and cut people,” is the classic (and maybe slightly overused) joke among portrait photographers. It describes their workflow of taking people’s photographs and then cropping them down to perfectly place them in the image frame. So, that begs the question to those struggling to get into portrait photography, “What is proper portrait framing?” Well, … Read more

Facial Lighting 101

What’s the main focus of any portrait? It’s definitely the face. Ask any photographer, and they will tell you that the face has to be perfect. Think about it this way, if you are in a normal conversation with someone, what’s the one place you look? It’s their face. It’s where we communicate expression and … Read more

What is High Key Photography?

Developing your own photography style makes photography more enjoyable, even if you are a hobbyist, because you know exactly how you want the photograph to look. But, it’s hard developing a personal style. It takes time, effort, and money to go try new techniques. High key photography is a great, easy way to creatively style your … Read more

How to Shoot Silhouettes

Learning how to shoot silhouettes properly is a great tool to have ready in your arsenal of photo trickery. Silhouettes are great for all types of photography: portraits, landscapes, wildlife, sports, etc. Even though they don’t show the features of a subject, silhouettes catch people’s interest. If you are not familiar with what a silhouette … Read more