Chris Burkard’s Gear Review – What to Take on Photography Trips

Anyone who follows adventure of travel photography knows who Chris Burkard is. He might be the most famous adventure and travel photographer on the planet right now. I mean, he was recently in a commercial for tires. How many photographers are in a tire commercial? So, it’s easy to see why he is a gear expert when it comes down to what to take on photography trips.

Chris recently came out with two videos that feature the gear he takes when he travels that I found to be very helpful and honestly quite revealing about some of the things that I never thought about in travel photography until it was too late.

Travel photography can be tricky. You don’t want to pack too heavy because you have to carry around all of your gear. But you also don’t want to pack too light because then you might be without a piece of gear that you need or wish you had when you get into the field.

So, in this post, I’m going to share his videos that reveal some of his tips for travel photography. The first video is for photography and tech gear, and the second is for camping and miscellaneous equipment he uses when he’s adventuring around!

Chris Burkard’s Photography Gear Review:

Some important notes from the video:

  • Notice that Chris doesn’t use photography specific bags so he can get more room packing and so he can fly under the radar as a photographer
  • Everything is packed light and minimal with a lot of things that have double uses
  • Emergency Sat Phones are important because a lot of photography locations don’t have cell service!
  • Take a lot of extra batteries and memory cards!
  • Use microfiber cloths for wet conditions
  • Goal Zero chargers are very important
  • Did I mention Goal Zero chargers are important?
  • Get a spot locator in case your bag is stolen or if you need to contact family
  • Carribeaners. Lots of them.
  • Always remember your headlamp!
  • ZeissĀ 24-70, ZeissĀ 16-35 lenses are great all around travel lenses
  • Sony a7RII is a great camera and SUPER lightweight and small
  • Peak Design anchors are legit
  • Sony 70-200 f/4
  • Sony a7s is a specialty camera that works great for night photography
  • Sony a6000 is fast and a great all around travel camera
  • I don’t think I’d take as many lenses as he does… but respect to him for taking them
  • He uses a Nikon AW1 for his water photography… Interesting
  • Interchangeable camera and lens bag kits let you work faster and lighter

Chris Burkard’s Adventure Gear Review:

Some important notes from the video:

  • If you’re thinking drones, he likes the 3DR drone
  • He likes bags that allow you to expand or reduce space. Like the Granite Gear bags.
  • Waterproof boots keep your feet dry and warm in wet places
  • Walkie talkies = cheaper than cell phones
  • Medical kits… Be safe out there kids.
  • More Goal Zero!
  • Wow, I had never heard of steri-lights!
  • Everything else is pretty much standard camping gear. Think small and lightweight!

Keep in mind Chris has been doing this for a while, so he has a lot of gear! Don’t worry if you’re just starting out. It’ll take some time to build your arsenal of adventure gear, but there’s no better time to start than RIGHT NOW!

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