Diving Into Complex Photography – Sean Bagshaw Episode 248

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This time I wanted to get specific with Sean. I wanted to talk complex images and the entire process of creating them.

So, what’s in this episode?

First, we talk the planning stage. When you think about planning a complex photo, there are many contributing factors that you can actually control. Those are things like where the sun or moon will be, the time of day your shoot, or even your compositions if you’ve scouted a location before-hand. There are also factors you can’t control that you just have to cross your fingers about such as weather.

Next comes the shooting. For the specific photo Sean Bagshaw and I discuss, there were several different photos and exposures that went into the first image of the lunar eclipse sequence.



We will also discuss the different images that went into the final photo. These are images like different exposures of the moon as the eclipse was occurring, the starry sky that goes behind the moon photos, and a separate photograph of the mountain itself. All of these are included below in their individual frames.



But, how do you put all of those images together?! How do you create a final image from all of those?!

Lucky you, we will talk about that as well. Sean will tell you the techniques that went into this image that will certainly help you to create complex photographs like this one.


Want more examples of great photos? Visit Sean Bagshaw’s website!

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