Finding the Best Photo Locations

Ever struggle with finding the best photo locations? I definitely have and it’s probably the most annoying thing ever in the photography universe.

Here’s the thing about struggling with finding the best photo locations; there are two problems with the dilemma. On one hand you might not know where to go when you go shoot a location and when you find something good to shoot, you might miss the best light. On the other hand, you might just be bored with shooting in your own backyard.

Both of these dilemmas are annoying places to find yourself.

But, there’s hope.

I recently took a trip out to Tishomingo State Park in Mississippi to seek out the best locations to shoot in this area without ever being there before and without looking up maps or many photo examples from the park before I drove there.


These are six tips I shared for finding the best photo locations:

  1. Stay flexible: Look, shooting in new locations can be the most painful experience you can have when trying to scout good places to shoot. You always have to seek and adapt, seek and adapt, seek and adapt. You have to predict where light is going to be and how it is going to affect the elements around you. Always be willing to make mistakes and learn from them in order to produce your best images.
  2. Think about the return: When you see a good photo location, or a potential location, always make notes and predictions of where that place is, how long it took you to get there, and where light will be best in that location. Then you can start planning when you can come back to that location to get amazing light in the photo.
  3. Consider perspectives: When you find a good location, make note of the best angles that that location can give you as a photographer. Also, consider where the sun is going to be. That’s going to give you a huge advantage for planning because that has a big impact on perspective. Even further, consider what lens you want to have for that perspective so you’ll be even more prepared!
  4. Use PhotoPills to plan sun locations: On the note of the sun location, use PhotoPills to plan that. I’ve never come across a better photography planning app that PhotoPills. So, buy it, download it, and thank me later. This is note a paid advertisement, just a ringing endorsement.
  5. Take practice shots: If you’re unsure about a shot, take a practice shot. It’s okay if it sucks. It will give you a better idea of how everything will look with your available elements with good light. Remember, digital photography isn’t limited to a number of photos. Take advantage of that.
  6. Use all of your gear: I used to limit myself to whatever lens I had on my camera. Honestly, it was because I was too lazy to put my bag down and switch out lenses or set up a different camera. That’s bad. Shame on me! Use all of your gear to maximize your ability to shoot a great photo!

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