How to Use the Dehaze Tool in Lightroom CC

Since Lightroom CC has launched, the great people at Adobe have been rolling out great features for photographers to use when editing photos. Editing photos isn’t bad. It lets photographers enhance photographs from their RAW state to make them more like the scene they saw whenever they snapped the shutter.

The first two tools that they came out with in Lightroom CC were the combine panoramas and HDR features. Not only were they helpful in speeding up the editing process, they were also extremely easy to learn and use. Now, Lightroom CC has created a new slider that can be used to enhance photos, the dehaze tool in Lightroom CC.

What is the Dehaze Tool?

The dehaze tool in Lightroom CC is a great way for photographers to alter the amount of haze that is in a photo. You see, a lot of times photographers can come across amazing locations¬†and lighting situations, but the atmosphere isn’t cooperating. Maybe there’s a lot of haze, fog, or pollution in the area that you want to clean up from the photo. That’s what the dehaze tool in Lightroom CC is for.

When I first started playing with the dehaze tool in Lightroom CC, I fully expected the slider to create a lot of noise or degrade the quality of the photograph. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the dehaze tool not only cut through the haze, but also added some contrast to the image as well. While you might have to go back to some of your basic sliders to fix any color enhancements or alterations, the dehaze tool is an incredibly easy and effective tool to use.

Ways to Use the Dehaze Tool in Lightroom CC

Now, I hit on how to use the dehaze tool a little bit just a second ago, but there are a couple of ways (and probably some addition creative ways) to use the dehaze slider. As with any slider in Lightroom CC, the effect can be increased or decreased depending on how much of the haze you want to change. Not only can you take haze away and fix any unwanted fog or air pollution, but you can also add haze to create dreamy ephemeral images using the dehaze slider. Here’s a great video from Michael Shainblum on doing just that.

Have you been using the dehaze tool much in Lightroom?