Packing Light and Shooting Big – Dan Ballard Episode 245

What makes a great photo when a location has been shot a million times before?

How do you pack light on a long photo trip?

What should photographers do to avoid burnout?

These are all questions Dan Ballard and I discuss in our latest episode of the Photography Roundtable Podcast. There is no one else I trust more when it comes to traveling with gear than Dan, and probably very few people as down to earth as Dan to talk about everything else.

I always feel like I’m having a conversation with an old friend when I talk to Dan Ballard.

And in this episode we discuss switching from Nikon to Sony, which is in the video below…

For other topics covered in this episode, Dan Ballard discusses how to photograph some of the most overshot places and make them uniquely yours and how to pack light on long trips.

If you’re interested in learning from Dan in person, check out his workshops!

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