Photography New Year’s Resolutions – Episode 236

In this episode of the Photography Roundtable Podcast, we will be going over photography New Year’s resolutions. These resolutions are not your typical topics of losing weight or skipping out on sodas in 2017. In this podcast we are going to be dissecting what it means to set a manageable goal in photography.

So, why do I want to put such a huge emphasis on setting photography resolutions?

Well, the easy answer is because I want all of you to become better photographers in 2017. But, you have to want it as well.

The natural question is how do you set a manageable photography goal for the new year? The answer is to find an issue that you know you have been struggling with and set a goal to succeed.

A personal example is that I knew I had an issue with consistently expanding my portfolio. So, I set my photography New Year’s resolution to be creating a 365 project with no photo appearing twice. It’s going to be tough, but forcing myself to consistently get more photos will build my portfolio.

That’s what you need to do as well! Find an issue you’ve been having and set a goal to fix it.

That’s not all.

There’s also something that I want all of my listeners to commit to as well. I want everyone to commit to making photography a helpful community that shares knowledge and information with each other. I also want all of you to commit to making 2017 a year of respecting our natural lands.

There has been so much talk in photography about the love of national parks that we need to take that seriously. Talk is cheap and it’s time we stepped forward as the ambassadors to the protection of parks. If we don’t, no one else will. Let’s show people how beautiful the parks can be and how to treat them with respect.

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