Resources to Make Money From Photography Online

It doesn’t really matter if you’re shooting for fun, if you have a side business, or if you are a full time photographer who relies on an income from photos; everyone thinks it would be great to make money from photography online. Now, this isn’t one of those scam posts about how easy it is to sell photography or education online. No. This is a post that is going to introduce you to a few options that might help you make money from photography online. The work part is up to you.

I guess I need to preface this by saying it’s not easy to make money from photography online. In fact, it’s really hard!

But, is it possible? Sure! Anything is possible, it just depends on the amount of work that you’re willing to put into the process to make your plan and goals a reality. Take this website for example. I wasn’t making any money when I started, and I was only getting about 50 visitors per day (if that many). Hard work and dedication pays off.

Here are some resources that you might find useful to make that extra cash!


InstaProofs is a website for selling photography prints online. There are a lot of those… Too many if you ask me. It’s a tough market to break into because the industry is diluted with so many sites and people trying to do this. However, what I like about InstaProofs is that it’s a great opportunity for event, portrait, or wedding photographers to make some passive income. Once you take the photos at the event or in the session, simply upload your photos to the site and let people know they’re available for purchase. This is great if you shoot sports because it allows parents or fans to purchase photos from the games. Parents love photos of their kids… Just saying.


What if you don’t want to sell any prints or any other photography service on another website, but you want to specifically sell from your own, lovely site that you spent hours creating? Well, Fotomoto is similar to a plug in for your website that allows you to sell prints from your site. They will basically give you a code upon signing up for their services and the marketing and promotions are up to you!


Alright, people think Etsy is a site for girls to browse what’s going on in fashion or decor and to browse through their favorite online boutiques. While some of that jazz is available on Etsy, it’s not all that’s on there. There is actually some amazing work on Etsy that is for everyone. Selling prints on Etsy is great because they allow you to include tags to your work so people can easily find your listings. It also allows users to follow your store and updates them when you have a new product available. I’ve honestly sold more prints on Etsy than any other product site. So, I like Etsy.

The Arcanum

There are other ways to make money from photography than just print sales. Now, print sales are definitely the most popular (even though it’s really hard to do), but you can also make some good cash on the side using your education and knowledge. You don’t have to do it all yourself either. I really like The Arcanum, a site developed by Trey Ratcliff and a couple others that allows photographers to work their way through the ranks to actually teach and make money teaching aspiring photographers. It’s a really cool business model!