Say it With Me, Photography Etiquette – Episode 226

I’ve covered this topic several times on the photography roundtable podcast, and it truly pains me and bothers me that I have to cover it again.

Photography etiquette is becoming a HUGE issue in the world.

I’m hearing more and more stories about photographers being rude, not taking care of photo locations, and wreaking havoc on our national parks.

It’s up to us, the photographers, to be ambassadors to these beautiful places.

W must stop dropping the ball and speak up.

The time of poor photography etiquette and ruining gorgeous locations must end now.

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2 thoughts on “Say it With Me, Photography Etiquette – Episode 226

  1. I think that to many non permitted “workshops” are causing a lot of the problems. I was in Yellowstone and Tetons for the last 3 weeks and was amazed at the behavior of the people leading these workshops.

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