The Easiest Way to Film Your Photography

Wait a minute… film your photography? What are you talking about Dave?

Well, just hold on and let me explain (isn’t it weird that I talk to myself a lot in posts? Yeah, Dave it is…) Anyways… Yes, this is the easiest way to film your photography so you can show people the behind the scenes adventures you have when you go shoot.

What’s great about filming your photography is that it gives people a better idea of what you go through to shoot amazing photographs, it gives you another outlet to be able to grow a following of fans, and it also allows you to share ideas of how to take specific photographs.

While it’s way more fun to shoot actual photographs, educating people on how to shoot and the best techniques in photography can be another way you can make some money on the side. Or, you could just create content for free to allow people to see what you do and why you do it!

In the past, you had to go through a lot of create and share high quality behind the scenes videos of your photography process. Cameras, GoPros, angles, lenses, and the endless amounts of editing that go into video production were a hassle. Now, you can just use Cameo and film and edit everything on your phone.


Cameo is an app that was bought by Vimeo, the video sharing website. Cameo allows you to import your videos that you film on your phone, organize them, clip them, edit the videos with easy filter and titles, and you can even add music through Cameo.

I went into the Cameo app with a lot of skepticism because I’d tried the old version and it was terrible. But Cameo has given their entire app a face lift and it doesn’t even begin to resemble the old version.

One of the best features of Cameo is that you can immediately upload your videos to your Vimeo account so your followers can see it right after you upload the video. No more waiting until you get home to edit or export. You do everything from your phone.

Interested? Here’s a great stream of videos that tells you how to use this amazing app!