The Ultimate Lightroom and Photoshop Keyboard Shortcut List

When’s the last time you watched a post processing video that showed you a really awesome technique? By the end of it you were probably pretty excited about starting your own! I mean, it’s always great to create your own photo using a technique you just learned!

However, a lot of times after we are done watching those tutorials our heads are spinning because of all of the keyboard shortcuts that they went through in the video! How do they expect you to remember all of those?!

Well, the good people from have actually created huge cheat sheets for you which have become the ultimate Lightroom and Photoshop keyboard shortcut list.

Each photo has an interactive list below it that allows you to zoom in to see each shortcut more clearly. What I like most is the list for Mac and Windows users!



Lightroom Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet




Setupablogtoday Photoshop Cheat Sheet Fin