What GoPro Licensing Can Do For You

GoPro has made some serious waves this year (2015). They have made headlines by going public with their company and offering shares of GoPro. They released the Hero 4 and the HERO late in 2014 (just in time for Christmas I might add… smart move). They even released another action camera summer of 2015 as well, the Hero 4 Session, which is even smaller and easier to use than all of the previous GoPro models!

Well, it seems as though they aren’t done. As much as I love their new editing app for quick and easy smartphone editing, I like the GoPro Licensing way better.

Photo from PetaPixel
Photo from PetaPixel

GoPro Licensing gives GoPro users the opportunity to use their videos to make money from their video content. Now, to do this, you basically have to shoot and edit some seriously creative, high quality GoPro videos. The beauty of GoPro is that it’s actually not that hard to do. You can make every day activities look amazing with GoPro cameras, and now you can make money with GoPro Licensing showing those videos!

Photo from PetaPixel
Photo from PetaPixel

But this is a photography website. Why should we even care about GoPro?

Here’s why…

Why You Should Care About GoPro

Photographers should learn to use GoPro software to help them create media content apart from photos. Yes, photos are important, but videos are becoming even more important and prominent on social media platforms like Facebook.

First of all, using a GoPro and the software (their software is free by the way) is so simple. The ease of use for a GoPro is crazy. I thought it would take a couple weeks to learn, but it only took me a couple minutes. There are only two buttons to learn. TWO!

Also, the GoPro cameras are extremely small and portable, nearly impossible to break (if they’re in the case), and they have a waterproof case for extra protection. I never worry about breaking my GoPro like I worry about breaking my DSLR.

The software is also easy to use. They have created it so you can follow three basic steps; import, edit, and export. They also let you choose templates for you to grasp editing techniques and fast video production if you don’t know what you’re doing yet.

The GoPro Media Advantage

Think about what you watch the most on Facebook. Videos that are under two minutes long, interesting filming viewpoints, and transitional editing that make the videos more interesting. All of those things point directly to the typical GoPro videos. Use this to your advantage! Use the GoPro and the GoPro software to create marketing videos for your photography business!!!

Here’s one I created for my photography…

While we are on the topic, this might help with your shooting…

No More Camera Shake

One of the most distracting things in GoPro videos is when the camera shakes all the time. It actually makes me motion sick to sit through it. There are a couple ways to completely eliminate or greatly reduce camera shake during recording.

The easiest way to reduce camera shake is to stop bracing the camera with just your hand. All you have to do is buy a grip like this one, then while you’re filming hold the grip and brace the GoPro against your mouth. I know it sounds weird (and looks weird), but your hands are constantly moving and don’t react well to bumps. Your head on the other hand is very stable. Anything pressed to your head will stay steady.


Another way to eliminate camera shake is to use the mounts that come with the GoPro cameras. Using the mounts on cars, tripods, grips, or your helmets will great reduce any shaking. Your films will be much smoother is you use the proper mounts.

Up/Down Option

Panning is a very creative way to show movement in a GoPro production. However, a lot of times it’s difficult to keep the camera steady while you move your camera across the subject. The best way to solve this is to use the up/down option on your GoPro. If you pan using a grip and holding the camera right side up, you are fighting gravity and the camera will shake. However, holding the grip or pole upside down uses gravity to your advantage and you won’t see shaking. Here’s what I mean…

Switch the up direction so the video will be correct when you hold your GoPro upside down
So, instead of holding the GoPro like this…
Hold it like this so you wont be fighting gravity! Video will be much smoother

With these few options, you’re sure to start shooting more compelling GoPro footage for your next video! Did you find these videos and tips helpful? If so, follow more photography tips on the Photography Roundtable Vimeo channel!