Why I Love Instagram Most for Photography

Social media has become a huge business. However, some people can be perplexed by the do’s and don’ts of social media as they try to build a business. Should you include multiple hashtags? Should you include personal photos? What is the limit on number of posts per day? image1

Let me say once and for all, these questions are ridiculous and you are going to worry yourself to death if you keep focusing on them!

Use social media for the fun of it! And what’s the most fun social platform for photography? No, not Facebook. It’s Instagram!


I love Instagram because it’s beautiful. Simply put, it looks great, there are nothing but happy posts, and it’s clean. The one issue I had with Instagram was that they only allowed you to post photos in a square. A couple months ago they fixed that allowing users to post photos in portrait and landscape as well. This was huge for me because it allowed me to share more of what was in the frame of my photographs and make more of an impact on Instagram.


I’m not really sure if there are specific rules to using Instagram to market your photography business. I would just go by the rules of what you like to see. If you love to see a mixture of portraits and landscapes in one account, share that way yourself. If you don’t like it when people post multiple photos in just a few minutes, don’t do that. Just make up your own rules along the way.


I’ll tell you this part about a new Instagram feature that I’ve been taking full advantage of since I like to use hashtags is the way they tell you how many people are using each hashtags. The more popular tags mean the more people are looking at those photos. That in turn means more eyes will be on your photos. Instagram makes it too easy for you not to post successful photos.

Just remember, don’t stress. Just have fun on Instagram!